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For Candidates
1 Get detailed verbal and written feedback after your mock interview so that you can use it during your
final interview preparation
2 Interviewers available in 5 continents, 27
3 Attend mock interviews face-to-face, or over Skype/phone
For Interviewers
1 If you are an alumnus of a top company/school,
you can conduct mock interviews at Interview
2 We have candidates looking for mock interviews from almost all parts of the world.
3 Get paid for your time and effort
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Advantages of Interviewing with Alumni
1 Get interviewed by someone who has been there, done that
2 Find out Dos and Don'ts for your real interview from your target Company/School's alumnus
3 Get pointers and feedback to fine tune your interview performance
Interview Resources by Alumni
1 Harvard Interview by a Corporate Strategy Consultant
2 Stanford Interview by an ex-McKinsey

3 Wharton Interview by a Goldman Sachs Banker
4 Case Interview Tips Video by an ex-McKinsey Consultant