How to Handle Tricky Interview Situations

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Interview situations

Most of us find ourselves losing our nerve at an interview due to circumstances beyond our control. Success in the interview depends upon how these situations are handled. It is necessary to stay calm, focused and not overreact as the recruiter might judge it to be a sign of weakness.


We have compiled a list of few delicate situations that you might encounter while job searching, with advice on how to overcome them.


Situation 1: Interviewer doesn’t ask you to sit

Most interviewers will ask you to sit as soon as the introductions are over. If in a rare case, you find yourself in a position where the interviewer doesn’t offer you a seat, you should politely ask, “May I please take a seat?” If the interviewer is standing, wait for him to sit before you sit down.


Situation 2: Too many members on the interviewing panel

When there are more than 3 members on the panel, it gets difficult to acknowledge everyone. Greet and make eye contact with each member as soon as you enter. As the interview begins, you should focus your attention on the person who is questioning you. You can address your answers to him and the persons sitting next to him. You need to turn around to address everybody as you speak. The other members mostly observe your body language and non-verbal communication.


Situation 3: Interviewer doesn’t introduce himself

Before you enter the interview room, you can ask the receptionist / attendant, the name of the person who will be interviewing you. Alternatively, you should first introduce yourself and then ask the interviewer his name. During the conversation, you should address the person as “Mr Smith” or “Smith”, ie the first name of the…



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