Alumni: A Powerful Resource for Interview Preparation

Posted on by deepika

Almost everyone, at least once in their lifetime, has had this really deep desire to study in a college or work in a company on their dream list. Then there are some of us who actually get to open the door to this dream by landing an interview at the company or college of their choice. Once we are at this point, we do everything possible to assure that we make it to the final destination with success. We read the company or college website to gather information, we read industry reports, we buy preparatory guides, and we scout for any contacts we may have in the college or company. Unfortunately the last resource of contacts in the company or college may not be easy to come by; however, this is one of the most important resources we can use while preparing for an interview.
The alumni of a company or college can give you insights that probably no other resource can, because they have ‘been there and done that’. Since they got through the process successfully and have spent valuable years studying or working in the college or company, they will know the interview process inside out. Chances are that they probably have taken a couple of interviews themselves, which would make them a pro at knowing exactly what the interviewing committee looks for in a candidate.
These days an important part of public relations in educational institutions is ‘Alumni Relations’….



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