Management Consultants CV reviewing process

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This week’s blog talks about how Management Consultants review resumes of the applicants. It explains who is behind the resume review process, how the process proceeds and how you’re CV can avoid denial.


Let us first understand that the Management Consultants resume screening process is like a mystery for applicants as you will only know if you have been accepted or rejected. In the rarest cases there may be a generic feedback on why you did not get the job, but the advice will never be detailed and pertinent.


Who is behind Reviewing the Resume?


For a management consultation job post, a team of analysts, associates and managers are present for reviewing the resume.  The review team will consist of at-least 3 to 5 people who will first go through your resume individually and then again in groups.  It is important to note that most of this team might be graduates of your school itself (undergraduate, graduate or MBA). The final decision of whether to call you for the interview is taken by this review committee. The resume review process is mainly handled by the junior’s in the company but the interview process and offering the job is in the hands of the seniors.


The CV Reviewing


Each member of the team receives a bundle of resumes, which can vary from 30 to 300. Many a time’s covering letters could be excluded from this pack, thus it is important to focus your energies and frame your CV in a way that it falls in the top-notch category. Remember that Consultants spend one whole minute reading your resume which is double the time of that spent by bankers on a finance…



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