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In our previous MBA articles, we have looked into several MBA related aspects including MBA Interview tips, Things to consider before choosing an MBA college, leveraging alumni for MBA Interview Preparation.


In this article, we will discuss in detail, how to tackle commonly asked personal interview questions in an MBA Interview.



Every top MBA program has a personal interview as a critical step in the admissions process. While the school views a Personal Interview as a necessity to evaluate a candidate and his thought process, know his future goals, and see if he is a good fit for the school, at the same time, the personal interview also gives the candidate an opportunity to project himself in a way that the resume cannot.


A Personal Interview can focus on and assess a candidate on many different aspects like his communication skills, his clarity of thought, depth of knowledge, divulge into the resume, values, hobbies and see if the candidate is a ‘fit’ with the school. As a candidate who is preparing for an interview, there are certain must do things.

  • Do some background research on the B-School about to interview you.
  • Be thorough with your resume. You are bound to be grilled on it and stumbling while answering questions about yourself will leave a bad first impression.
  • Brush up your knowledge on the current happenings in the world, the latest business developments.
  • Be prepared with some questions for the interviewer. This not only shows that you have done some background work, but reveal your ‘fit’ to the school based on the quality and diversity of your question.


We’ll now look into commonly asked personal interview questions in an MBA Interview and how should one go about answering them.


Tell us (me) something about yourself

The interview panel usually begin with this question for a number of reasons – to test your communication skills, your body language, your confidence and make sure that you leave a lasting impression. The rest of the interview or at least the next few questions that follow at the very least will be based on your answer and you have a chance to drive/steer the interview.

Be clear and concise while answering it without taking too much time. Your answer should include

  1. Your family background
  2.  Your educational & professional(if any) background
  3.  Your interests & hobbies


Why have your decided to do MBA?

Your answer for this question is dependent on your background –…



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