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Mock Interviews From Your Firm's Bankers
Are you shortlisted for an interview at your dream consulting firm?
Have you submitted your job application and are preparing for the final interview?

1 Prepare for your real interview by taking a mock interview with your target company's alumnus or a current employee
2 If you have an interview with Goldman Sachs, your mock interview will be conducted by either an employee or an alumnus of Goldman Sachs
3 We verify the credentials of every interviewer joining us. We add to our database only those interviewers who are either studying or studied at top B-Schools, and are working or worked with top finance firms. Rest assured, you can confidently take the interview from our interviewers.


Are you an alumnus or an employee of a top finance firm?
1 You can conduct a mock interview for the aspiring Investment Bankers, Traders and Research Analysts at InterviewBay. For further details, please click here
3 Simple Steps For
Your Interview Preparation
Our goal is to provide you with an interview experience that is closely matched with your real interview. Also, our interviewer will provide you with detailed verbal and written feedback after your interview to help you in your final interview preparad:
Step1: Purchase an interview for your target Company

Step2: Select preferred timeslots for the interview

Step3: Get interviewed by your target Company's
employee or an alumnus

Interviewer would conduct the interview based on your essays and CV. Your interview will be for approximately 60 minutes, followed by a complete review of your interview and feedback for approx. 30-45 minutes. Within 24 hours, your written feedback will be available on your interview page.
Our customer associates are ready to help you with each step. Please email customerservice@interviewbay.com if you have any questions.