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Harvard Business School Admissions and Interview Tips
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Harvard Business School Interview Tips By Limor Moshkovich, a Harvard Alumnus

  • About Me


I’m an Israeli female, lived in Israel almost my entire life and moved to the US for HBS. Before B-School I worked in the Telecom industry, after serving in the Israeli Defense Forces for 3 years. My background was mainly in strategy and operations and I looked for a general management oriented program to compliment the skills I have already developed in my 7 year career (army and civil).

  • My HBS Experience


With my 2 years here almost coming to an end, I can definitely say this had been a truly transformational experience. Despite and in spite of the economic turmoil, life at HBS had been exciting, inspiring, educating, and invigorating. From faculty to students to administration, I have never stopped feeling privileged to have spent two years of my life with some of the most intelligent, smart, friendly and attentive people I have ever been around. And that’s what makes the difference. The people.

  • The HBS Admissions Interview

  • Importance:


I share the opinion of many on campus, that the interview is pivotal in the application process. Once you have been invited to interview, you are pretty much on the same playing field as everybody else who had been invited and your performance on the interview will have a critical impact on your admission decision.

  • Focus:


I don’t share the opinion of some people who claim that the HBS interview is just a “jerk test”. True, once you have been invited to an interview your chances are high, but there’s a lot more to it than just being a great guy/girl. This is where it all comes together – while the interview is super important, it is so important because it encapsulate every other element of your application: your essays, recommendations, experience and future plans. So in the interview you must focus on conveying that holistic view of yourself as a candidate, keeping in mind that HBS is looking for leaders so leadership plays a big role.

  • Preparation:


Know your application cover to cover. Sounds basic but ...

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